Forgotten Dutch Bands

There are some bands which are simply forgotten because they never had that much of an impact or they only had minor hits in small countries. Today a selection of some songs I do remember, and I listened to them today and some of them I still enjoy.
The first song is from the Mo, when I looked for them on Youtube it first told me: “no files found under the Mo” just a sign of how well-known this band was. Anyway, the opening of the song is great, then it seem to carry on, in the tradition of songs of the 1970, without adding to much new information to the listener. If you type in the title of the video you can see that this song does get quite a lot of comments, mostly from folks who grew up when this song was hit. Heh we all have our own nostalgia-trip.

Next song, the Shirts with “Tell me your Plans”. Don’t they have that Stranglers sound? Okay, this is the odd one out here because they are not a Dutch band [just testing, now sit still on that chair!!] Still sounds fresh in some way, but then it also may carry on too long. Heh, how times and music has changed, or is it just me and wanting a lot more from music and songs in general. There must be a reason why we do not hear any of these songs being played often on the radio. It could also be something to do with the Anglo-American domination of the world. Heh, are we getting all political today then? Hmmmmmm, what do you mean? Let me fast forward quickly to the next song…………………………….

Oh la la, for this one we go all sunny and bright. It is Earth and Fire with “Weekend”.  Reminds me of the summers of the late 1970s and early 1980s. The production on this song is great, but who cares about that when you are reading this for guitars and other related issues. Heh did someone say a while ago: “It is the Singer not the Song”. What about the singer in this band? Do people still dance like that? I wish they did!!!

Next song to show that I do have good bad taste. Hmmm I seem to remember far better songs of this trio, but I think this one will do for today, the video is great, funny to see how innocent things were in the late 1970s. Don’t they sound a lot like Abba? Great!!

Heh how bad can things get? Have a look overhere, great intro, reminds me what I once did with the intro for “Vivious” by Lou Reed. I think I still have that mentality, make is silly and go all the way. Heard some My Chemical Romance today and they had that vibe as well, heh make it go silly and have fun, afterwards you can still show the world that you know how to shred!!

Okay before you all start to believe I have fallen of the planet today I want to share this song with you, one I still like, like the whole thing, the attitude, the sounds of the Guitar and the Singing. Okay here we go, all clap your hands for Herman Brood, His Band, Bertus Borgers on Sax [Heh were is he Man???] and his Bombitas!!

Okay, now for all the Dutch speakers among you, here is Normaal [Heh Eddie, they are not forgotten what the heck are you on about??] What about the intro? Great sound!!

Here a song to boost up your knowledge of the Dutch language, yes you can even sing along. Oh before we go all insane, just listen to the guitarsolo, heh isn’t that a delay? Yep it is, well spotted!

Okay for next song we all go serious [yes that happens from time to time………..] Berlin in the early 1980s, what else can I say? Maybe I should leave this to our German Friends who will have, no doubt, a lot more to say about this subject than me. Ain’t is strange, that just a little while after this song came out things would change and they would change forever!

Last song for today as Forgotten Dutch bands are thin on the ground. Anyway, I will leave you with Annabel.
Enjoy and hope to see you soon for my next update, EddieSmile