Five Things a Good Guitar Teachter Can Do For You:

Learning to play the guitar on your own can be a struggle in the beginning: Your fingers may not be able to make those open chords sound clear, tuning the guitar properly may be beyound your abilities. At some point you may give up trying to do it all on your own and look for some help with the support of a guitar teacher.

A good teacher should be able to help you finding the right songs for you, songs you may like and you may also be able to play wtihin a short space of time. This will help you with your own motivation for learning to play the guitar.

Getting a  guitar teacher right from the start may help you avoiding bad habits you may later have to unlearn. Learning to play the guitar (and music) is just forming a new set a habits into your mind, and they can be learned quickly with the right guidance.

A teacher may make the learning of the guitar more enjoyable. He (or she) may know some shortcuts to fingering particular chords, any alternative fingerings which may be easier for you. Learning together is also more fun than just doing it all on your own.

A guitar teacher may help you making contact with other students, people you could jam with, share interests with and may be able to pick up tips from to improve your own learning experience.

A guitar teacher may be able to give you feedback on the performance of your amplifier and guitar. Your guitar may be easier to play once it had a proper set-up. How would you know? A guitar teacher may make you aware of particular issues related to your guitar. A guitar which sounds good and plays well will help you with your learning, it will albe be a joy to play and you will always be looking forward to pick it up to play. A must if you ask me, especially when you are starting out.

Hope to see you soon again,