Fender Bassman 135 Silver Face: Review and Sound Demo

The Fender Bassman was one of the first amps Leo Fender designed when he started out the Fender company in the late 40s and early 50s. Fender kept the Bassman in their line of products until the ealy 1980s. Over time the amp was changed and redesigned to fit the needs of changing musical trends.
The Bassman 135 is one of the Silver Face series which also contained the 50 and 70 version.
The amp was orgininally designed to give you clean sounds at any volume level.

              Layout Controls and Channels:

The 135 is a two channel amp designed for guitar and bass. The Bass channel contains two inputs, one for high impedance- and one for low impedance guitars. Furthermore there is a Volume, Bass, Mid and Treble control. A small notch filter is there to add more bass to the overal sound.
The Normal Channel is of a similar layout with, again, two different impedance inputs and the same three controls of Volume, Bass, Mid and Treble.  The notchfilter on the Normal channel will add more brightness to the overal sound.
There is one Master volume to control the overal level of the amp.

Since these amps were designed to give you clean sounds, you cannot overdrive any of the channels by cranking the volume to create distortion (something you can on most Marshall amps).

The Basschannel has a more grainy character compared to the Normal channel.
The amp is a valve amp originally designed to be set-up with 6L6 valves.

Happy playing and hope to see you soon again,