Eddie de Hamer Now Available for Banjo Lessons in Leeds

I can offer Banjo lessons to a high standard of playing.
Anyone who wants to learn to play the Banjo is welcome, I can help you with the styles of Blue Grass, Old Time or you may simply want to learn the Banjo for your own playing style. Is is all possible, simply get in touch through the contact page on this site to let me know about your interests and we can take it from there.

Banjos come in a variety of instruments. The most common one you will find today is the 5-string Banjo, but there is also a 4-string Banjo, called the Tenor. Then there is the Long-Scale Banjo, which was popularised by Pete Seeger in the 1960s.
Whatever Banjo you want to learn, I can help you to improve your playing style. just get in touch!

Guitar Players who want to give the Banjo a try may find it relatively straight forward, since the Banjo tuning is not too different from the Guitar Tuning: High E is tuned down to a D. The B, G and D string remain the same! The low A is tuned down to a G.
The tuning you end up with is a G chord: The Banjo is tuned to a open G!

The string configuration is a bit different to a guitar: The first four strings go up in gauge, the 5th string, which on the guitar would be just below your low E, is of a similar gauge as the 1st string. It is often used as a drone string, although this may depend on what you actually play!

Thinking about the playing technique: The Banjo is often picked. The picking patterns are called “Rolls”: They are basically a set way of picking the string in a particular order. There are a handful of popular Rolls which are used regularly. Any guitar player who does use Finger Picking Style will be able to get the hang of these rolls quickly!

The Banjo is not often strummed, but you can strum it, just like a guitar. The instrument does not sound as loud as when it is being picked.

As far as the tuning: The D,B,G,D,G (high to low) goes, this is the regular five string Banjo tuning, but other tunings will work as well. It is just a case of experimenting with what you like.

Here is a brief video where I use a variety of techniques to get a very short piece across:

I will create more videos where I will demo particular Banjo techniques.
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There will also be more articles here about Banjos and their playing style.
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