Easy Guitar Tabs: “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd—Bass Riff and Chords—

The album “The Wall” from Pink Floyd produced some of those classic songs that any guitarplayer seem to like. For this lesson I will mainly concentrate on the first part of the song. I have adapted the song a little bit: Added a bassriff which makes the chordprogression flow beatifully. I have done it in the style of Pink Floyd, so do not worry as I have not killed one of your favourite songs.

Pink Floyd’s music is very simple in nature. It strikes me that a lot of you seem to think it is very complex. The simplicity of the music makes it  possible to create those huge soundscapes with the solos and soundeffects. Pink Floyd is best listened to with headphones on, while listening to the album from start to finish, in that way you will get transposed to the scenery the band creates for you. I used to listen often to Pink Floyd’s music while watching TV with the sound down and the stereo playing the music of the band. The music often suited the film I was watching at the time, it worked almost like the songs were made to suit the scenery of the film.

Have a listen to the song now:

  Here are the Chords and the Bassline For the First Part:

          Bm                                                 G              Em           Bm
          /                          /                             /               /              /

        D  ————-0–    —————–0—    ———————-   ——————0–
                      H                            H                                                             H
        A  ——0–2——   ———–0–2——    ———————–  ————0–2—–     Repeat part !!

        E  —————–   ———————-    ——-2————–   ———————-

Count 123     4   e   h                                      12     and  3

   H= Hammer-On

   Again, like in the previous lesson, I suggest you playing the Bm as a barrechord:

      E  –2—-

      B  –3—-

      G  –4—-      This chord is based on a Am-shape barrechord with the
                          the Root of the Chord on the Second Fret of the A-String
      D  –4—-

      A  –2—-

      E  ——–

  Please obseve the countingOne strum which rings for 3 beats and then a almost Triplet feel for the bassriff:  You get Three clicks in the space of One Beat. Bar Three is different: 2 beats for the G, on the AND of the Second beat you play a Bassnote before progressing to the Em chord which you hold, again, for Two Beats.

This is only the first part of the song, next section does contain another chordseqence. I only wanted to introduce you to the first part for now.

What about the Solos you may wonder? Good Question, most of them are played in Bm Pentatonic. Just get one phrase and play around with it. Get a big sound from your amp. and play. How to create that huge sound is a lesson in itself. The main thing is to get a distortion sound which is fairly clean with some compression and a little delay. I will create some future blogs on the subject of sound and effects but for now will mainly concentrate on playing songs and different playing techniques.

Enjoy for now and hope to see you soon again!!