Easy Chord Sequences for Beginners Ukukele

20111117111343eddieThe Ukulele is a great, chirpy little instrument. It is a great idea for young children to start on a Ukulele and progress to guitar once they get a little older (from about 9 years or so).
The Ukulele in itself is an independent musical instrument. There are four different types of Ukuleles (Soprano, Tenor, Concert and Baritone) Each of them goes up in size, the Baritone is tuned similar as the guitar while the other three have a slightly different tuning compared to the guitar.
There are some great resources around for you to learn how to play the Ukulele, for this article I want to provide you with some simple chord sequences made up from basic chords. It is fine to look for individual chords but you need to put those chords into context for them to make sense musically. I have created four different sequences, and each of them can be played on their own to sound right.
I have put the chords into tap form, the fingerings are exactly the same fingering as any of the chord shapes you will find for these chords.

The chords are C, F, G and C at the end

A —-3—–0—-2—-3–

E —–0—–1—-3—-0—-

C —–0—–0—2—-0—–

G —–0—-2—-0—-0—–

Play all chords using four strums per chord. All chords are played for one bar, there is a C at the end of the sequence, then play C again for the start of next bar as the sequence starts again from  the beginning.

Next sequence is again four chords, and again, all four chords are played for one bar. You can play them using four strums per bar or just one strum per bar. If you choose to play one strum let the chord ring for the rest of the bar.
The chords are C, C7, F and G7

A —-3—-1—-0—-2—

E —-0—-0—1—–1—

C —-0—-0—0—–2—

G —-0—-0—2—–0—

The next sequence uses minor chords which have a darker sound compared to the chords used in the above sequences. The bars contain this time two Chords per bar, which means you strum each chord twice before you move on to the next chord.

The chords are Em, Dm, C and G

A —2—-0—–3—-2—

E  —3—-1——0—-3–

C  —4—2——-0—-2–

G —0—2——-0—-0-

The next sequence is again 2 chords per bar, play two strums per chord before you move on to the next chord.

The chords are C, C7, C6 and G

A —3—1—0—2—

E —0—0—0—3—

C —0—0—0—2—

G ———————

All chord sequences can be played over and over again, to give the sequence a “finished” feel you can play a C at the very end once you want to finish the sequence. The C will give the sequences a finished feel because all sequences are in the key of C. The Ukulele sounds great in the key of C: All strings played open will give you a C6 chord.

For next article a few tips on how to hold a Ukulele.
Keep on playing and hope to see you soon again.