Dynamics and Your Guitar Playing

Once you have those first few chords and songs under your belt you want to get them to sound better.
A common mistake for beginners and intermediate players is to keep their guitarplaying at the same level: Once the song starts it will stay where it is. What about giving those songs and chords a lift ?—–Start playing quietly and then build up the dynamics of your playing—- by doing so your playing will become more lively.


      The Actor in You

Performing music is nothing more than acting. You will get better at it the more you do it, but there are quite a few things to you can do to improve your playing (and singing): Try to exaggerate your dynamics, you may think that you go over the top, but in reality it will make the song sound much better and your audience will enjoy your performance even more. You want to avoid playing to much at one level as this will make your playing (and singing) stale. A lot of this depends on your personality and each performer will use dynamics in their own way. Listen to your favourite guitar player to see how they go about getting their playing more dynamic.
The guitar is a hard instrument, no like any windinstrument where dynamics are more natural. The guitar will only let you go so far before the sound breaks up and your notes will sound distorted because you play too hard. You need to walk a fine balance between playing too hard and too quiet. Once you have the touch try to bring your playing up and down. Think of what you like to hear when you listen to songs. When you play yourself try to imagine how people will hear your playing.
The whole dynamic issue is something which will come with time, but being aware of it does help and will improve your playing quicker.


Happy playing and hope to catch you soon again.