Difficulty Learning Solos of Your Favourite Songs? Jam on them!

Sometimes learning solos of your favourite songs may be troublesome. Your technique may be lacking in skills, the solo may be too fast for your fingers to follow, you may find particular parts of the solo are hard to play. Often it helps just to play over the solo with whatever you can play, as long as it makes some sense with the chords. Playing over the exhisting solo will help you with the feel of the solo and song, even when the notes you are playing are not correct. It may also be motivating to play along with something you want to play.

When you work on your own guitarplaying, discipline may be an issue, you may also be impatient and struggle to see where you are going with the solo. Any good teacher can guide you with the process of learning (and playing) the solo.
It helps to keep an open mind to your own learning and guitar playing. If you really want something you will be able to play whatever it is you want to play, but it may take you time and you may also need to learn some other aspects of guitarplaying you may have overlooked before.

Keep at it and have fun.