Develop Your Own Finger Playing Style

For this blog a few ideas how you can approach your fingerstyle technique for the guitar.

When people start out with the guitar, most of them will find playing with fingers easier. The plectrum is an alien piece of plastic in your fingers, and it needs time and practise to start to feel natural; fingers, on the other hand, feel natural as they are part of your body. You will need to learn how to use them to get the most out of them but for most people playing with fingers feel natural.

When you work on your own without a teacher or any form of support from outside, look into the various approaches of fingerstye playing: There is the classical approach with the rest-and freestroke, then there is folk style fingerpicking.
For beginners I would strongly recommend to get used to one form of fingerstye playing before moving on to the next approach. Get comfortable with the style you choose and make sure you can use it at all times.
Experienced players may want to look at a particular fingerstyle and develop their own style out of the various, conventional techniques.

When you look at developing your own fingerstyle technique you can look at what your playing needs and use your fingers in a way which will help you to get your playing to a higher level. Try various hybrid forms of picking which use thumb and fingers in a creative way. Make sure you develop your fingers well enough to get a full tone out of your strings.

Keep at it and hope to see you soon again,