Create Static,Dynamic Filter Sounds with Your Delay

Today a short article about a specific application for a delay: Creating static, dynamic filter sounds.

A dynamic filter is an effect which changes the frequency of your sound. A Wah pedal is an example of a specific dynamic filter which can move the frequency up-and down, by moving the footpedal up and down. Leave the footpedal in one place to accentuate a particular frequency spectrum. Frank Zappa used this techinique a lot to make his guitar stand out for a particular part in a song. Not only Zappa, also Hendrix explored this technique often.
A similar idea can be created with a delay: Use short delaytimes, 1 up to 80 mS for example, to get the best results. Put the Feedback-and Delay Time control to dial in the frequency you like and just play. Switch your pedal off quickly as a reference point to hear your original, uneffected sound of your guitar, then switch back to dial in more or less of your delayed sound until you hear the sound you like.
This particular application is also a great method to distinguish the sound of one delay compared to another: Because of the short delaytime you will be able to hear the particular colour the delay creates. Some delays may give you a more pleasing sound compared to others.
While using this method to compare several delays I found the Boss DD7 having a particular pleasing sound, not sure why this model sounded so different compared to other Boss delay models such as the DD2 or DD6, maybe the longer delaytime of the DD7 does have something to do with it, or particular components being used for its sound.
The application as described above will work both for analogue and digital delays.

Next time the scale article as promised before!
Happy playing and catch you soon,