Copy the Sound of Upright Bass on an Electric Bass Guitar

20101117133619BassplayerBass guitar is all about tone. Of course is it not just about tone, it is also about what notes you play and what rhythm you play those notes with. Having a good tone is important for any instrument but for bass guitar in particular.
You may think that tone comes from your pick-ups and your amp. Well that is only partly true, your fingers and how you use them play a big part in your tone as well.

Like on a guitar, you can experiment where you play your strings: Play near the bridge and you get a very bright tone. The tone will not be a strong compared to when you play in between neck and bridge, just above the pick-ups. Play in between the pick-ups and you get a neutral and full sound.
Play anywhere above the fretboard with the fingers of your right hand and you get a more, woody tone. It is that tone which sounds a bit like the sound out of an acoustic, upright bass.

The woody tone may not be for every bass player. It may be a very suitable sound for anyone of you who like playing Blues, Jazz, folk or Rock ‘n’ Roll. If you feel the tone is not strong enough to cut through  the mix of drums and guitar simply put your volume of your amp up. True, once you start playing louder some of the finer nuances of your tone do get lost. Just keep working on your technique to overcome this problem.

In the near few weeks I will create more blogs for bass.
Stay tuned and hope to see you soon again,