Comparing Boss PW-2 with Electro Harmonix Big Muff

20131021140024eddieThe Electro Harmonix Big Muff is a classic distortion pedal which carries that characteristic Fuzz tone. It’s tone control is unique and can give you many different sounds from dark, muddy bass to bright and trebly sounds and everything in between. Its sustain control gives you unique overtones which gives you the idea you hear a tone above the one you are playing. So far the facts about the well-known Big Muff, now over to a lesser known fact:

Boss’s Power Driver (PW-2) is loosely based on the sound of the Big Muff: It does have two tone controls: one for bass and one for mids, the Drive controls acts like the sustain on the Electro Harmonix. Keeping both the Bass, Mid and Drive  control down you get a similar sound as on the Big Muff: It sounds less wed and sounds almost like a regular distortion pedal. Opening up the Drive makes the pedal sound fuller and bigger, but it also exaggerates your sound, similar as with the Electro Harmonix. The Bass and Mid controls are called FAT and MUSCLE respectively.

On the plus side: The Power Driver is smaller than the Big Muff, may be easier to fit on the average sized pedal board.
The Power Driver does have a lot of bass when you open up the FAT control, this may sound similar to one of those Russian Big Muffs from the 90s.
Again, as said before, the PW-2 is loosely based on the sound of the Big Muff, comparing them side by side the Electro Harmonix does sound fuller and more organic compared to the smaller PW-2.

There are about nine different versions of the Big Muff, I used a recent version for my tests.
Check both pedals out if you get a change, they both sound good and will keep you playing for hours.

Happy playing and hope to catch you soon again,