Boss OD-3 Overdrive for Natural Valve Tone

20130926135626IMG_4407_orginalThe Boss OD-3 is a simple to use overdrive which can create many different sounds. It is relatively simple to dial in your sound and just play. The pedal will sound fine through almost any amp. Its sound is based somewhat on a Marshall JCM 900.
Some of the other Boss overdrives can be very different in sound: The OD-1 is good but does only have one sound, while the BD-2 can be quite bright and may not sound good through all amps. The SD-1 is a little more versatile compared to the OD-1 but does not have the sound of the OD-3. The SD-2 may be harder to dial in the right sound.
Thinking of all the above Boss pedals, the OD-3 is the one which will give a good sound sound through almost any amp without too much tweaking.

Enjoy and hope to see you soon again,