Boss MT-2: Parametice Distortion Great for not only Metal-but Alternative Rock Sounds as well

For this article a short guide to how you can set up the Boss MT-2 distortion pedal to overcome some of its, natural buzzy sounds.

Boss MT-2 is one of those distortion pedals which can give you a wide range of sounds. True, the pedal can give you that classic Metal sound from the 80s and early 90s but because of its parametric Equalizer, the pedal will let you tweak those sounds to almost anything.

Check out the manual for some sample settings:

click on link and search for MT-2, which you will see straightaway,  open the manual and scrawl to page 4 to view some of the sample settings.

Once you will try some of the sample settings you may feel they sound is a bit buzzy and tinny, especially the Fuzz setting. Try tweaking each setting by adjusting the concentric Equalizer controls, just play and change the setting of the bigger controls, then try adjusting the smaller controls until you get the sound which you enjoy playing with. As you adjust, you may also want to  alter the Level control. The Distortion control is the one which will give you overtones: open up the control and your sound will get wetter and richer with overtones, back down  the control and you will get a dryer sound. Adjust it to how you like it.

Great, non-metal sounds can be found as follows: Max out both small, concentric controls from the EQ section, keep the bigger, concentric controls at a lower level. Some people may find this setting too much. Adjust it to how you like, keep the distortion down to fairly low levels.

At some point I hope to add a video to this article to show you how I can get various tones out of the MT-2.

Some of the bonus points of the MT-2 must be:

  @ You are able to get feedback at will, especially when you use humbuck pick-ups. The small concentric controls are key to getting feedback.

  @ MT-2 will let you dial in its sounds on any amp, you will get similar results regardless what amplifier (or guitar) you use. Cool!!

Keep on playing, and hope to catch you soon again,