Boss DD6 in Warp Mode= Pedal Steel Effects

The DD6 is the only pedal in the Boss Digital Delay Compact pedal range which offers the Warp Function.
To engage the Warp Function you need to press on the pedal while the DD6 is switched on. The result is extended feedback, which sounds like infinite repeats from the last idea you played.

To get Pedal Steel sounds out of this function you need to develop a feel for how to work the pedal in this mode.
The result of the sound will depend greatly on your playing style, how much you understand what you are after and the setting of the pedal.

The settings I use for this sound are as follows:
Using a clock where 12.00 is half way up for the controls my settings are:
Level: 11.00     Feedback: 9.00  and Time: 9.00

Level is not that important, Feedback and Time are, but it all depends on how you play.

           Watch out for the following:  Press pedal too early and you get repeats, which is not what we are after.

          How Do You Get Pedal Steel Sounds?:

Play a phrase, press pedal while the sound decays, the result will be extended echo without repeats of the note (or chord) You will get a glassy echo which almost sounds like a Pedal Steel.

You can try this with chords, bends or even a Slide.

One drawback is: when you keep the pedal pressed down for too long you will hear a digital afternoise, which does not sound pleasing to the ear. Develop a good technique for how to work with this sound and you will not hear any digital afternoise.

Using a compressor does help to sustain the sound, overal the compressor makes the sound fuller, but also a bit noisier.

For anyone who knows the Boss compact pedal range, the sound as described before reminds me somewhat of the Feedback sound from the DF2. The DD6 does have a similar feel when you use the Warp mode, the sound result is sustain rather than feedback.

At some point I hope to make a video where I will demonstrate this particular sound of the DD6, in the meantime keep on playing.

Hope to catch you soon again,