Boss AW2 Explained in Plain English

20140329132756IMG_4372For this article a short brief on the Boss AW2 Auto Wah pedal. It is one of the pedals which appears to be not straightforward to get good sounds. Some of controls work in tandem and set them slightly different and you may not get a pleasing sound at all.

The controls work as follows: Rate stands for the speed on the filter: It will give you slow or faster rotating sounds. To get those sounds you will need to open up the Depth control which controls the strength of the Rate control (how well you will hear the rotating sound).
Manual stands for the frequency, on the left you get bass and from the middle onwards the control will give you treble. The Sens control will let you open up the filter, but open it a little and you will already hear a difference in your sound.

Easy Setttings to get you Started 

Open up the Rate and Depth, do not open up the Manual and Sens control.  This setting will give you a filter wah sound. You can set the Rate and Depth at any setting, but you need to open the Depth control up a bit. These controls work in tandem so close the Depth and the Rate control will not give you anything!

Next is the opposite: Leave Rate and Depth closed and open up the Man. and Sens. control. This setting will give you auto wah.
A variation on this sound is: Leave Rate, Depth and Manual controls closed but open up Sens. This setting will give you dynamic auto wah.

Open up only the Manual control while closing all the other three controls will give you Static Wah sounds.

These are just some settings to get you started, experiment for yourself keeping in mind how the controls work to get the best out of the pedal.
One nice sound is to get that rotating sound underneath all your playing: Just use the rate and depth control and play softly with your dynamics, play harder and the rotating sound will kick in when you pause on your notes (or chords).

Enjoy and hope to see you soon again for more.