Bookreview: GuitarPlayer Presents Carlos Santana Edited by Michael Molenda

For this article a short review for this book:

When you click on the link there is an image of the front-and backcover of this book.
The material from this book has been culled from interviews from Guitar Player magazine. There are ten chapters of interviews which were taken during the 1970s up and till 2008. The last three chapters of the book are devoted to lessons, techniques and scales which will help you getting close to Carlos’s playing.

Reading the interviews, Carlos comes across as a constistent and human musician. In each interview he mentions his sources of inspiration, and they keep being mentioned each time, no matter which year the interview was taken. There is also geartalk, and again Carlos is quite consistent in what he uses: He may have started out on the Gibson SG, these days he uses Paul Reed Smith guitars, and he has been doing this since the 80s, when PRS guitars became more popular. Amps? Throughout they years he has been using Marshall, Fender Twin and a Mesa Boogie MKI, which he has been using since 1972. These days he prefers Mesa  Boogie-and Dumble ampheads. Furthermore there is talk or how to conduct rehearsals, what is important to work on during rehearsal time. He also muses about the effect music does have on people and their feelings.

Carlos, like me, is a fan of Guitar Player magazine. He mentions this a few times during the later interviews. About Guitar Player he claims the magazine covers any style and range of playing the guitar. He is still quite keen these days on learning about new amps and gizmos for processing the guitarsound. His enthusiam for the guitar and music has not waned and he is still as keen as he was in his early days of his fame.

One thing which stands out from each interview is the human element: Carlos likes to mention that as a musician it is important to play from the Heart. It is often too easy to hide behind technique, sound and poses. It is heartfelt music which will connect you with the audience. Very true!
When you have ever been to a Santa concert you will notice the atmoshpere and how everyone gets taken up by the moment of the gig. An amazing feeling, and it is this what we should strive for as musicians, each moment when we play, whether it is during reheasals or gigs. 

Hope to catch you soon again,