Book Review: Basic Guitar Lessons by Happy Traum

Basic Guitar Lessons by Happy Traum is a tutor book which comes in four volumes. Book One and Two get you started with reading music and using the plectrum, while book Three and Four focus on both Finger and Plectrum style. All Four books provide you with some basic music theory as well. The book was first published in 1976, updated versions are from 1985 and 1995.

The book introduces the student of the guitar to a variety of guitar styles such as Folk style finger picking, Classical playing and Bluegrass playing. The skills gained from the book can be transfered to your own playing style and interests.
The book is very similar to Mel Bay’s Modern Guitar Method which also comes in omnibus version and has been around for a while.
I find that the older guitar methods intoduce the student to more variety of playing material, the material can always be updated with more modern songs of a particular style.

                    For Who is this Book?

For anyone who has been playing for a while or the complete starter. The book is ideal for guitar players who have been playing for a while but tend to play with the same chordshapes and materials they have been introduced to. Like with so many tutor books, the information gained from playing through these books can be applied to the songs you already play.

The book will introduce you to reading music and a variety of accompanyment styles. Being able to read music will make you more aware of certain rhythms and song structures.  It will make you a better, overal guitarist.

Check it out and enjoy,
Hope to catch you soon again,