Blues Tutorial for Beginners: Guitar Solos over Blues Progressions

For this article a few tips on how to get better with playing solos over common Blues progressions. Once you understand these ideas you can apply them to other songs of a similar nature.

A general Blues progression usually has the following chords: I IV and V.  The Roman numerals imply the chords of the key. In the key of A  you will get the following chords: A  D and E.

Most Blues songs you will find will not always follow this progression, but it is a good starting point, it will certainly tune your ears to what notes will sound good.

I IV V progressions can be played in a major or minor key. Try the following with your solos:

In a minor key play minor ideas over the first chord, but for chord IV and V play major ideas, like the arpeggio for each chord. It will give your solo ideas a brighter sound and it will lift those two chords.

When playing in a major key, use minor for all three chords to achieve a darker sound for your solos.

Once you start to understand you will love playing blues as it is a style you can always come back to and experiment with feel and note choice. Once you get comfortable with this you can apply it to any style.

Good luck and hope to catch you soon again,