Beginners and Open Chords: Use Capo at Fifth Fret!!

For this article a few ideas how beginners can improve the sound of their open chords.

It is a common problem for beginners not to be able to get a good, clear sound from some of the open chords. Usually G and Em proof not to be much of a problem whereas C, Dm and Bm cause issues: Often strings will not ring out and the overal sound of the chord is not clear.
Most of these problems are related to the angle of the wrist in relation to the neck of the guitar: The straigher the wrist can be the easier it is for the student to play the chord.
Using a Capo at higher positions of the fretboard (for example 5th Fret) will improve matters.

Once you can play most of the open chords without too much struggle, try the capo in lower postions such as 3rd Fret and see how this feels. After a while go back to the open position without using a Capo to find out if your chords now do sound any better.

  Playing at Higher Postions Only For Beginners?

No, often intermediate students only use certains areas of the fretboard, try playing more in the 12th postion and above this area. Usually this is easier on electric guitars. If you have not played much in this area you will feel you may need a bit of practise to get the sound of your playing better. Why is this? Similar as for reason mentioned above: The angle of the wrist is diffferent, therefore it feels different. Work on it so you get as smooth as playing in the 5th position (the easiest position to the play the guitar!)

Playing in higher positions is useful to extend the range of your solos and melodic ideas: You can start playing in the lower postions while ending up in the higher positions. Listen to Slash of Guns ‘n’ Roses. A lot of his solos use these kind of ideas. Ideally you want to use the whole fretboard without having any trouble.

See you later,