Beginners and Moving Out of Playing in Open Position

20140222153811IMG_5187Most beginners will learn to play the guitar using the open position. They will combine using open strings combined with the use of some fretted notes.

Playing in the open position is fine but it may not be the easiest position to play in: Your wrist is at an angle no matter what you do, an easier position for the guitar is the fifth position.
Now how do you go from playing in the open position to playing in the fifth position? Try to find the same notes you already play, and find those notes in the fifth position and just play. Look at the angle of your wrist when you use the fifth position: You will notice your wrist will looks straight compared to how it was when you play in the open position.

An easy and enjoyable way to  play higher up the fretboard is  to play simple riffs you already play in the open position,  simply move them up and play. Start playing one note in the open position and find the same note higher up the fretboard, carry on with this until you have covered all the notes for your riff and just play the riff now in the higher position. One way to remember the position of your fingers is to write the riff down in tab using the fretnumbers of the higher position. Once you have written down the riff, play the riff several times and try to remember the  fingering. Once you can play a few riffs higher up the fretboard you will start to see where the notes are located compared to the notes in the open position.

Chords what about chords? Good question! Well, you will need to use different chord shapes which will work in the higher position. Start using barre chords, if you are new to them learn one barre chord shape and try to move this shape along the fretboard. Using some barre chord shapes will improve your playing and your chord knowledge.

Good luck and hope to catch you soon again.