Beginner and Intermediate Guitar Players: Checklist What To Work On To Improve Your Guitar Playing Skills

For this article a handful of tips for what to work on to improve your own guitar playing.

       Musical Alphabeth

Most people will have heard about it. The  Musical Alphabeth is the order of the notes as they appear in music. Knowing the order of the notes is one thing, being able to apply it to your guitar and your playing style is another. Make sure you understand how the alphabeth works and what it means for your chords and notes you play at any place of the fretboard. If you do not know what it meant by the Alphabeth please read up about it on this blog or any other place on the net, or any music theory related book you can find.
When it comes to learing the notes on the strings of the guitar, start off by learning the notes of the low E string, once you know them look at the notes on the A string. Once you get to grips with them have a look at the notes on the B string. Over time you will learn to associate notes with where you fingers are on the fretboard. Knowing the notes you play will help you with your understanding of the fretboard, it also makes learning new songs easier.

      Basic Chordshapes

Make sure you can play most of the open chords, get a grip on the most common barre chords and be able to use chords such as 7ths and Sus4 chords. Look at variations of chordshapes you already use, the more different chordshapes you know the better you will be at creating different sounds with the guitar, do not just stick with the open chords simply because you can, try to venture out to get different chordshapes under your belt.

       Single Notes

Be able to use your fingers in such a way that you can play simple, single string notes and riffs. Playing the guitar is more than just playing chords. Most beginners find playing one note at a time easier than playing chords. The guitar gives you the ability to play single notes and chords, try to make a habit of working on your single note skills. You can play any melody of any song you know, or just play a part of a melody you know. Hum the melody first, then try to find the first note you hum, play this one note on the guitar and you are on your way to master the rest of the melody.

I have kept this checklist on purpose very short. I feel it makes it easier to concentrate on what you need to work on. Once you start digging in you will find there is so much to be learned and if you  really are into the guitar there is always something new to be discovered each time you play.

Good luck and hope to catch you soon again,