Guitar Lesson Prices

For all the instruments I run various courses that are split up into introductory, follow up, intermediate and advanced.
Introductory courses last for 4 sessions over 4 weeks costing from £99.
Beginners – one hour lessons. Block of five from £99.

Intermediate – one hour lessons. Block of five from £99.

Advanced – one or two hour lessons from £20/hour with recording sessions from £50/ hour

Learn to strum and pick the strings.
What are chords and notes?
Learning the names of the strings.
Play your favourite songs
Tuning a guitar
Playing acoustic and electric guitar
Learn to read music
Playing simple songs
Learn the parts of the guitar
Learn to use an amplifier with an electric guitar
Barre chords
Power chords
Hammer on and pull off
Different chord shapes
Reading music
Playing riffs
Using a capo
Playing cover versions
Learn to read tablature
Playing arpeggios
Writing chord sequences
Composing simple melodies
Learn the major/minor scale
Learn to accompany songs
Bending strings
Natural harmonics
Pentatonic scale
Writing songs and melodies for a band
Open tunings
Using a slide
Guitar effects
Recording songs
Transferring to a bass guitar
Interpreting cover versions
Slash chords
Sweep picking
Using a partial capo
Chromatic scale
Artificial harmonics
Electric Guitar Lessons…Acoustic Guitar Lessons…Ukulele Lessons…Electric Bass Lessons…Keyboard Lessons…Piano Lessons…Song writing
Follow up courses can last for however long the student deems necessary and also cost £20 per session.Intermediate courses are geared towards the more experienced players who may only require a handful of lessons to help them on their way to achieve their goals or get some inspiration. These courses are again usually based on 4 sessions but are dependent on the needs and wishes of the student.If you can already play see what additional services I can provide including, recording, song writing, band tuition, effects and much much more.Although I have predefinded courses all courses are tailor made towards the individual students’ needs. Please contact me to discuss your individual requirements or to book a taster session.

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