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Jimi Hendrix Pedal Set-Up Explained

There are these moments when you try a well-known guitar player’s gear set-up and you actually feel you are on stage jamming with the actual band. For this article a short brief on Hendrix’s pedal set-up. His set-up is not complex and it is not too hard to make those pedals work for you to… Read More »

New Ukulele Course At Farsley Starting in June

Happy to announce the fact that a new Ukulele course is to start at Farsley. This course will be held at the premises of Music Nation which is located at the Cape Industrial Estate, Coal Hill Lane in Farsley. The course will run from early June until mid July. No need to have any… Read More »

Tube Screamers and Transitor Amps

It is often said that Tubescreamers of any kind do not work that well with transitor amps. Tubescreamers can give valve amps a natural boost, depending on how you dial in your sound. Simlar results can be achieve when you use a transitor amp. Most Tubescreamers will give you midrange boost, but this sound may… Read More »