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Amplify Your Acoustic Guitar to Enhance its Tone

The acoustic guitar comes as it is: Strings, bodyshape and neck. The tone of your acoustic guitar will depend very much on the type of wood, the bodysize and the kind of strings you use. Experimenting with different type of strings can give you a brighter or duller sound. The Elixer type of strings are… Read More »

Practical Tips For Your Sound Check

A sound check may be obvious, just check volume of various instruments and vocals and play. Yes it is indeed as simple as that but still a lot can go wrong if you do not have a good sound balance. Most mistakes often come from being rushed on stage, not having enough time to go… Read More »

Five Practical Tips for Playing Cover Songs

For this article five practical tips to help you along to get better with playing coversongs. These ideas will work both for the  solo singer/songwriter or the singer/guitarplayer who plays in a band set up. The first thing to think about is the key of the song: Once you have the taps, chords and lyrics… Read More »

Guitar Lesson: Get to Know the Feel of Your Guitar

The feel of the guitar is determined by various factors, I will explain some of these in detail in this short article here. It is the feel which make people love or hate their guitar. Different guitar players will love different feels. No guitar is the same, but there are guitars which have a similar… Read More »