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Make the Most of Your Musical Gear

Most people reading this will have dedicated guitar gear like guitaramps and effects such as distortion- and reverb pedals. What about using some of that gear for different purposes? Distortion pedals may work very well for bass and keys or maybe even vocals if you like that kind of sound. The key is to experiment and… Read More »

Why Excercises are Usefull for Your Guitar Playing

Excersises come in different forms, you can play scales which are good for your technique and finger memory. You may be able to use some of the scale patterns for your improvising or composing melodies. You may find some harmony excercises like variations on chord types you already know. Some of these harmonies may help… Read More »

Amplify Your Acoustic Guitar to Enhance its Tone

The acoustic guitar comes as it is: Strings, bodyshape and neck. The tone of your acoustic guitar will depend very much on the type of wood, the bodysize and the kind of strings you use. Experimenting with different type of strings can give you a brighter or duller sound. The Elixer type of strings are… Read More »

Practical Tips For Your Sound Check

A sound check may be obvious, just check volume of various instruments and vocals and play. Yes it is indeed as simple as that but still a lot can go wrong if you do not have a good sound balance. Most mistakes often come from being rushed on stage, not having enough time to go… Read More »