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Get 1950s/1960s Sounds from Your Bass By Using a Mute

For this article an insight in how to get that Acoustic bass sound from a modern Electric Bass. A lot of listening will help you to familiarise yourself with that sound. Also, try to think what the early Fender Basses had which the newer, modern versions lack: A Mute—the metal plate you will find at… Read More »

Beginners Guide How to Hold the Ukulele

The Ukulele is  a compact and small and relatively light instrument. You can play the Ukulele whilst sitting down or standing upright.  The main thing to look out for is to keep the Ukulele balanced and that you keep your hands free! Your Left hand is used for fingering the chords, not for holding or… Read More »

Easy Chord Sequences for Beginners Ukukele

The Ukulele is a great, chirpy little instrument. It is a great idea for young children to start on a Ukulele and progress to guitar once they get a little older (from about 9 years or so). The Ukulele in itself is an independent musical instrument. There are four different types of Ukuleles (Soprano, Tenor,… Read More »

Creating Guitar Parts for a Guitar Ensemble

Playing guitar in a guitar ensemble can be a lot of fun, all the guitars together form part of the bigger ensemble. You may only play a handful of notes at a time but the overall ensemble creates a big sound. For this article a few ideas you may be able to use for your… Read More »

Survival Guide For Gigging Guitar Players

For this article a few tips about what you can do to get you through gigs played under less favourable conditions. The typical scenario I have in mind here is gigs played with bands which are under rehearsed, songs you need to play you do not really know, gigs you need to play where you can hardly… Read More »