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What Makes Up the Sound of Your Electric Guitar?

The sound of the electric guitar is made up by all the different parts of the guitar. The most important part may be the pick ups, but all parts of the guitar work together to create its sound. For this article a quick overview of what all the various parts do for the sound of the guitar. Fretboard: Fretboards come either… Read More »

Floyd Rose Bridge, Locking Nut and Changing Your Strings

For this article a few ideas about how to change your strings for guitars using a Floyd Rose bridge and a locking nut. Most guitar players will cut the ball end of their strings and attach this end of the string to the locking mechanism at the bridge, they will then tune up the string the regular way. This… Read More »

Use Preamp for your Acoustic Guitar

A typical situation to amplify an acoustic guitar is: plug straight into the mixer of the P.A or the amp. For an acoustic guitar  equipped  with a good pick-up this situation will work well. What about if your pick-up is not that good, sounds a bit metallic or……………..? Instead of plugging straight into the desk… Read More »

Boss AW2 Explained in Plain English

For this article a short brief on the Boss AW2 Auto Wah pedal. It is one of the pedals which appears to be not straightforward to get good sounds. Some of controls work in tandem and set them slightly different and you may not get a pleasing sound at all. The controls work as follows: Rate stands for the… Read More »

Make the Most of Your Musical Gear

Most people reading this will have dedicated guitar gear like guitaramps and effects such as distortion- and reverb pedals. What about using some of that gear for different purposes? Distortion pedals may work very well for bass and keys or maybe even vocals if you like that kind of sound. The key is to experiment and… Read More »