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Rhythm Guitar For Beginners

Rhythm guitar is all about playing chords, it is about how you play your chords ( what kind of fingerings you use—voicing is the correct term here—-) and what kind of rhythm you use for playing those chords. Simple eh? Most beginners need to work first on getting their chords clean. As they work on… Read More »

Guitar Lesson: Using Bass Notes Underneath Your Chords

Once you get to grips with playing your chords fluently you may want to progress to make these chords progressions stand out. Playing chord progressions on their own is fine, but it helps if you can sings along with whatever you playing. The singing will help the listener that they are hearing a tune instead of listening to a harmonic back drop… Read More »

Guitar Lesson: Slide Guitar for Beginners

  For this article a few short tips on how to improve your slide playing. Check out the video,  most of what I will mention here is featured in the video as well.   What kind of Slide? There are glass, bronze and metal slides. All of these do give you a different tone. Experiment… Read More »

Tips for Beginners How to Learn the Fretboard

A typical question beginners often ask: “Do you really have to know the whole fretboard?” or they will make a remark like: “I first need to know all the notes on the fretboard before I can move on to improve my playing”  Let me answer some of these questions by giving you some tips on… Read More »