Advanced Guitar Lessons in Leeds


Tuition for songwriting is open to anyone. In case you are new to this art form I will help you to make a headstart with the writing of lyrics, song intros, bridges, vocal melodies and catchy arrangements.
If you are already writing and/or recording your own songs, bring them along, I will listen to your home recordings and give you tips on how to improve your own songs, help you with the overal song arrangement, I may even find a band for you who will help you to perform your own songs.


Once you are writing your own songs you may want to record them so you can play them for your friends. I can give you tips on creative recording strategies which will work for you, advice on what kind of  home recording equipment to buy. It is also possible for solo artists to get their own songs recorded in my own home studio. I can create a complete backing for your songs, depending on your requirements. This may be ideal for the individual singer/song writer. Contact me for details.

LoopMusic, Electric Guitar Sound and Effect Pedals

One of the joys of playing electric guitar is making sounds with effects and finding your own tone on the electric guitar. I can help you finding your way in the world of effect pedals, loop stations and valve guitar amps. I myself am a great user of guitar effects and different guitar amps. I daily experiment with different options guitar pedals offer you. Guitar tuition can be tailored towards the use of sound and becoming a better guitar player with electronic sounds.

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  1. Nerunchara

    I’ll tell you what I do, since it’s working for me prtety well. I’m a performing singles act, playing guitar and singing. A couple times each month I do a band thing as well. But mostly I do solo for eight shows a week at a local fine dining place and have been doing so for ten years now. Rules I live by are:1. Play everyday.2. Be heard every day.3. Remember every day why you do what you do.4. Keep an open musical mind to all genres of music. and on a more personal note:5. Avoid all major drug habits, they do not make you play better other than in your own mind.As for techniques and what not, they’ll develop on their own, whether you want them to or not, as long as you’re playing daily. Learning music theory may help, but I’ve been playing all my life and never took lessons, which is true for most of my musician friends as well. I do have one friend that has a BA in music, but I’ve never thought he was any better off than anyone else.


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