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    Advanced Guitar Lessons in Leeds. If you feel guitar tuition is not for you because you have been playing for a number of years wait, I am able to teach you any song, help you with song writing or recording. Please contact regarding any query about guitar lessons in Leeds. Please contact me on any enquiry, I'll be happy to help

Premium Guitar Lessons Leeds and surrounding areas

Guitar lessons Leeds provided by Eddie de Hamer, covering areas Armley, Pudsey, Farsley, Rodley and Old Farnley. I am also available for session musician work please check the relevant pages for more information.

Provider of Guitar Lessons Leeds since 1992

I have been a music tutor in Leeds since 1992.  Teaching people to learn to play music is my passion and mission especially guitar tuition.

I can provide guitar lessons to individuals or groups throughout Leeds. I am also able to travel to many locations around Leeds. Contact me and I will help develop an individual plan for your musical development.

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  • Acoustic Guitar Lessons
  • Ukulele Lessons
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So You Can Play, What’s next?

  • Previously had guitar lessons Leeds take it to the next step;
  • Do You Write Your Own Songs? No? What is Stopping You??
  • Do You Play in a Band? Do You Know How To Work with Two Guitars in Your Band??
  • Do You Record Your Own Songs? No? You Should, Because it does not Cost too Much, and it is a lot of FUN!!
  • I can teach to your ability, just check out the various guitar courses Leeds I have on offer or if you already know how to play, view whatadvanced guitar tuition Leeds services I can offer
  • All students have an individual plan developed to what they require.

Detuning For Beginners during Guitar Lesson in Leeds

The great thing about the guitar is that you can alter almost anything: You can change parts, strings, fret your strings with a Capo on a particular position of the neck or detune (some) of your strings. For this article a short outline about detuning. For those in the know it is no secret that… Read More »